The Illustrated Book Club on Patreon

What’s The Illustrated Book Club?

The Illustrated Book Club is a reading group with a difference. Every month (or so), I choose a book, then we all read it while I design a new cover. Then we start again with the next title. You don’t have to pledge to take part, and anyone can read along, comment and suggest titles here, via Goodreads, or on Facebook. If you don’t have the physical book, there’ll be links to free ebooks/online texts. All finished book covers are posted publicly for free – such as…

Designs are also available as prints and merchandise through Redbubble or via here.

As a professional illustrator, Patreon support buys time for me to pursue a number of ongoing personal projects – for example…

I’m also working on a graphic novel, which I’m hoping eventually to submit to publishers. Finished pages will be uploaded to this website for everyone to see, but obviously it’s the support I get through Patreon that will make it possible for me to set aside time to work on it.

For more information on Patreon and how all this works, see the page.

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