Art Sales and Commissions – Up To 20% Discount

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Just a head’s up that all followers on Twitter and Instagram are eligible for 5% discount on all personal sales and commissions of original art. All Patreons of whatever level are eligible for 10% discount, and that goes up to 15% or 20%, depending on level of support.

Please see the gallery for current work for sale, and get in touch for pricing on commissions.




Gareth Southwell - Elsyium Gallery Preview Night - photo courtesy of Jo Mazelis

Elysium Gallery Exhibition

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The evening of Friday 7th August saw the preview night of my joint exhibition with fellow Gower College Swansea artists in residence Jason & Becky. It marked the end of the residencies that had run from April through June. “Collider” (as the exhibition is called) hosts 18 of my original works, together with installation works by Jason & Becky (and which also included a performance element on the night). Here are a selection of photos – some taken on preview night (courtesy of Elysium), and some later (courtesy of Eliot Southwell).

If you’re in the vicinity, please pop in. The exhibition runs until Sunday 30th August, and Elysium Gallery is open 12 to 4 pm, Wednesday to Sunday. For those interested, all my pieces are for sale – contact me for pricing, etc.

Finally, thanks go to: Michael Murray, for setting up the residency, and for his friendship, help and advice (best of luck with the new freelance gig!); Jon Powell and all at Elysium; Lucy Donald and all at Mission Gallery; the staff and students of Llwyn y Bryn campus, for allowing me the run of the campus and making me feel at home, especially Chris Jones, Elinor and Mary and everyone in the Foundation block, Phill Cumpstone, and Hywel (sorry about the car…!); Kris Besley and Kate Pearce, for their encouragement and support; Jason & Becky, for sorting out the flyers, and for their generosity and flexibility; Eliot, for the pictures; Jo Mazelis and Mark Matthews, for being there (in both senses), and Jo for her photos (of me, looking scruffy and well-fed…); Lee Aspland and Phill Burton, for backing me; and lastly my Jo, for chauffeuring, accompanying, and generally for everything she has to put up with (saintly, she is).


New Monthly Comic Strip – Nietzsche in the 21st Century

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Just a quick announcement (for those who haven’t noticed). I’ve begun what I hope will be a monthly, philosophy-themed comic strip: Nietzsche in the 21st Century. It’s meant to be a bit of a silly, light-hearted thing, but there will be a serious side to it too, as I’ll be using it to explore Nietzsche’s philosophy and other related themes. I say that I hope it will be monthly, because obviously its development has to vie for my time with actual paid work. However, if you would like to help make it monthly (or even more frequent), give me time to colour it (it’s currently black and white), then you can head over to


New ‘Original Art Sales & Personal Commissions’ Section

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The website now has a new Original Art Sales & Personal Commissions section, with thumbnails of most of the original art I currently have available. Please contact me with the title of any piece you’re interested in for more info and pricing. Some pieces are earmarked for the exhibition in August, but you can pay to reserve any piece you want and I’ll post after the exhibition is over (beginning of September). I am also currently OPEN for commissions – just contact me for more info.

Preparing for the Exhibition

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So, I’ve just come to the end of the artist residency at Gower College Swansea. Last month, I did a little exhibition at Mission Gallery, Swansea with fellow artists in residence, Jason and Becky, and this coming month will see a joint show with them at Elysium Gallery, Swansea.

So, I’m currently preparing some new work, which I’ll be showing with some recent and older pieces. I’ll be sharing these as I finish them, as well as works in progress, sketches and doodles, via the usual social networks and Patreon (where the interested can support and follow me).

The exhibition will start on August 7th, and run through August 30th. You can read more details about the show here.

Site Redesign and Reboot

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I’ve given Woodpig a fresh lick of digital paint, so I thought I may as well junk all the old posts (which were mostly not relevant any more anyroad). Please, have a look around and let me know if you’ve any comments – I’m still adding stuff to the portfolio, and tweaking the appearance, but it’s mostly finished. My Instagram posts now act as a sort of sketch/photo blog, so I’ll keep this news section for…er…news – and announcements, stray mental meanderings, and all other things verbal.