Farewell Lappy! Limited Commissions and Art Sales


Yesterday – due, no doubt, to despair at the current state of the world – my laptop suddenly decided to hurl itself at the floor (translation: I dropped it). This has left it with a big, arcing crack in the screen which, added to the fact that the keyboard no longer works properly, the power cord looks like something out of a health and safety warning video, and the whole thing takes 10 minutes to load Photoshop, means that Lappy has probably seen it’s final days. 


The Illustrated Book Club – Now on Goodreads

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Hi Everyone,

The Illustrated Book Club now has an associated Goodreads reading group – to discuss books, suggest titles, etc. It’s already got a few members – check it out here.

You don’t need to support me on Patreon to join the discussion on Goodreads, and you can suggest titles, see links to the finish book covers. However, you won’t be able to vote on titles, get discounts, see work in progress, be eligible for giveaways and other rewards, and so on.

Just a reminder that all books covered will be public domain, so there’ll be a free etext somewhere, which means you can take part free.

See you there!