Self-Published Author’s Book Cover Design Offer

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Are you a self-published author in need of a book cover? I’m currently offering a discounted rate of $150 (£100) on illustrated book covers on ebooks to the first 3 people who respond, the next 3 for $200, the next 3 for $250, and so on, until we hit the going rate. Here are some examples of past work:

In case you don’t know about me, I’m a writer and professional illustrator (see my portfolio). I’ve been working in illustration for about 15 years, mostly for magazine and book publishing.

I also run The Illustrated Book Club, where I discuss cover design and illustrate classic texts, which has more stuff. As I say, these are a combination of hand-drawn and digital art – there are plenty of excellent designers who use stock photography and photoshop for very professional results. But if you want something a little different, with a more distinctive look – perhaps for children’s books, non-fiction, or something with an element of humour – then please get in touch to discuss things.

What Would Marx Do?

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My new book, What Would Marx Do?, is now finished, and is due to be published by Octopus Books in March of next year. You can read more about it here. If you’re eager, you can preorder it on Amazon. As well as writing this book, I also illustrated some of it. Some of these pieces are for sale in the gallery, but – understandably – the publishers would like me to keep the other illustrations from public view. However, if you were interested in buying any of the originals, you can contact me so that I can arrange a private digital viewing.

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Marx and Keynes: Sneak Peek

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I’m currently working on illustrations for two books for Octopus PublishingWhat Would Marx Do? (which I’m also writing), and What Would Keynes Do? (by Tejvan Pettinger). They’re both due out next year, but Octopus have allowed me to share some of the images –

New Book Illustrations for Octopus Books

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I’ve been commissioned to produce illustrations for a series of books for Octopus Books. The first two will be ‘What Would Nietzsche Do?’ and ‘What Would Freud Do?’, which will be published sometime in 2017. You can see a selection of the pieces in the portfolio (here and here).