Self-Published Author’s Book Cover Design Offer

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Are you a self-published author in need of a book cover? I’m currently offering a discounted rate of $150 (£100) on illustrated book covers on ebooks to the first 3 people who respond, the next 3 for $200, the next 3 for $250, and so on, until we hit the going rate. Here are some examples of past work:

In case you don’t know about me, I’m a writer and professional illustrator (see my portfolio). I’ve been working in illustration for about 15 years, mostly for magazine and book publishing.

I also run The Illustrated Book Club, where I discuss cover design and illustrate classic texts, which has more stuff. As I say, these are a combination of hand-drawn and digital art – there are plenty of excellent designers who use stock photography and photoshop for very professional results. But if you want something a little different, with a more distinctive look – perhaps for children’s books, non-fiction, or something with an element of humour – then please get in touch to discuss things.

Commissions, Free Art Raffle, and Discounts

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Hi Everyone,

Some news.

Raffle: everyone who signs up to my newsletter will be entered into a monthly raffle to receive a free A7 sized commission (approx. 3 by 4 inches – see samples below). The first draw will take place November 10th. You can sign up here.

Discount: All newsletter subscribers get 5% on art sales and commissions.

Commissions: At the moment, I am currently OPEN for personal commissions. From now until Christmas, I am offering the following (sorry to mention the C word… Nice pressie idea maybe?):

  • A7 size = £20
  • A6 size = £40
  • A5 size = £80
  • A4 size and up = depends on time and business – please enquire

Please get in touch with any questions, etc.

Thank you!